Donald McCarty

Don McCartyNoted throughout the industry as the “Copper Cable Guru,” Donald McCarty began his telephone career in 1965 as an outside plant technician. In 1972, he joined Dynatel as an outside plant training specialist. In 1986, after 14 years of training both craft and management in the telecommunications industry, he founded McCarty Associates, Inc. now known as McCarty Products. His success as a world-renowned trainer, consultant, equipment advisor, speaker and writer is credited to his straight-forward teaching style coupled with his ability to make complex subjects easy to grasp. Donald sets the technical benchmarks and standards for McCarty Products. He is a regular columnist in Outside Plant Magazine, speaker at all OSP Expos, and is the co-author of The Fine Art of Fault Locating, the industry standard training manual for outside plant fault location, repair and maintenance.

Through McCarty Products, Donald and Vernon May provide on-site training for field technicians, engineers, training personnel and managers of telcos as well as executives and managers of major equipment providers. Donald and Vernon’s goal is to help clients create a quality copper cable plant that will support mega-fast broadband speeds. View our courses on the training page for more info.

Donald and Vernon also work with telcos, telecommunications and internet companies on a one-on-one consulting basis both by phone and in person helping resolve difficult cases of trouble within the copper infrastructure. They have worked with customers to develop standardized policies and procedures for cable fault location to insure consistency in the field. They also work with companies providing a “complete DSL solution from the CO to the field. For more info visit the consulting page.


Vernon May

Vernon MayStrategic and tactical brilliance in copper, DSL and fiber, Vernon has created, implemented and taught telecommunications technology on six continents over 35 years and has leveraged his service provider and vendor experience into that of trainer/coach, inventor, systems designer, program manager, product manager and plant operations expert. He currently holds two US Patents, including #8,027,807 B2 on Remote DSL Circuit Evaluation.

Vernon has had a notable career in telecommunications operations and management roles in four Fortune 500 companies. His concepts and designs have improved how internet and television are propagated over twisted copper cable. All of the top five North American service providers have implemented some version of his strategies on various technologies.

Vernon’s concepts have proven to be effective for those seeking methods and procedures focused on practical network operations. A sought-after speaker and a contributor to print and online publications, Vernon has presented his concepts to thousands of executives, scientists, engineers, managers and technicians all over the globe and in various venues.

For information about our courses or consulting services, please contact scain@mccartyinc.com or 408-393-4794